Apple’s $25 Polishing Cloth Sold Out Beyond Christmas in Canada

Apple polishing cloth sold out

Gosh, out of all the new Apple products recently announced, and we’re keeping track of an official polishing cloth?

Apple’s Polishing Cloth, which costs $25 CAD, has seen its deliver dates pushed to 10-12 weeks in Canada, which if stands true, means new orders won’t see delivery until December 30 and into early January 2022.

“Made with soft, non-abrasive material, the Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively,” is how the company describes its new cloth, which supports all products.

AmazonBasics microfibre cloths are a fraction of Apple’s special polishing cloth.

An earlier report today said Apple’s upcoming holiday quarter may be affected by the ongoing global chip shortage, which has affected nearly every industry, especially automobiles.