Apple’s Design Genius Jonathan Ive Profiled by the Daily Mail UK

What is the secret to Apple’s success? Most will answer Steve Jobs, but others will answer Jonathan Ive, Apple’s lead designer who time after time, has crafted some of the most remarkable products we’ve seen.

The Daily Mail has a fascinating article about Jonathan Ive, that sheds insight about the famed Apple designer. It’s a compelling read that details Ive’s younger years and his journey to Apple.

And so it has been for nearly 14 years – the time Ive has been Apple’s star designer, a fact little known and less publicised in his native Britain due to the obsessive culture of secrecy at Apple. (His laboratory remains sealed off even from the rest of Apple’s leafy corporate ‘campus’ in San Francisco.) The impact of the 44-year-old, Essex-born, Staffordshire-raised graduate of Newcastle Polytechnic has been incalculable.

He is worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the company, which is itself currently valued at a staggering £200 billion. The last decade has belonged to him: his designs for the Californian company have revolutionised everything from music and television to mobile phones and hand-held computers.

Robert Brunner, Apple’s former chief of industrial design:

‘I often joke that my tombstone will say, “The Guy Who Hired Jonathan Ive”…

…He was a consummate designer on all levels, especially around form, detail, materials and refinement and how that extends into manufacturing.’

Jony Ive is NOT Returning to the UK

This ought to squash rumours that Ive is leaving Apple:

Speculation that Ive would leave Apple to return to the UK is also false, says a former colleague: ‘I’m not sure there is any truth he wants to come back. My last conversations with him were that he was planning to sell his house in the UK.’

I won’t ruin the juicy bits, so check out the full article here. It’s a great read, that is very ‘Instapaper-worthy’.

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