BlackBerry CEO Slams Apple’s Approach to User Privacy

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In a new blog post titled “The Encryption Debate: a Way Forward”, BlackBerry CEO John Chen has slammed Apple’s approach towards the privacy of users, saying that the greater good should not be above its reputation. For years, government officials have pleaded to the technology industry for help,” he wrote. “Yet [the requests] have been met with disdain.” Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly said that the company will almost never comply with government agencies when it does not have to.

Mr. Chen however, does not seem to agree with Cook:

“At BlackBerry, we understand, arguably more than any other large tech company, the importance of our privacy commitment to product success and brand value: privacy and security form the crux of everything we do. However, our privacy commitment does not extend to criminals.”

“One of the world’s most powerful tech companies [Apple] recently refused a lawful access request in an investigation of a known drug dealer because doing so would ‘substantially tarnish the brand‘, of the company”.

He continued that BlackBerry is in a unique position to help bring the two sides of this debate together, to find common ground and a way forward. “We reject the notion that tech companies should refuse reasonable, lawful access requests”, he added.

You can read all Mr. Chen has to say at the source link, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.