Elon Musk Suggests Changes to Twitter CEO During Video Call

In a video call during a company meeting in Houston by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Tesla boss Elon Musk presented some ideas to improve the social media platform. When Dorsey asked Musk for “some direct feedback,” Tesla chief suggested that it’d be helpful if Twitter could differentiate between real and fake users (via CNET).

Musk, a constant tweeter with more than 30 million followers, regularly tweets updates about his companies’ grand plans and is also known for makes strange jokes. Some of his tweets have also gotten him into trouble, including one that triggered an SEC lawsuit which was eventually settled for $20 million.

With thousands of Twitter employees watching the video call between him and Dorsey, here’s what Musk suggested:

“Is this a real person or is this a bot net or a sort of troll army or something like that?” he told Dorsey. 

“Basically, how do you tell if the feedback is real or someone trying to manipulate the system, or probably real, or probably trying to manipulate the system… what do people actually want, what are people actually upset about versus manipulation of the system by various interest groups.”

Twitter has so far declined to issue any official comment regarding the matter.