Here’s Every Thing Apple ‘Sherlocked’ at its WWDC 2022 Event

The folks over at TechCrunch have compiled a list of all the features Apple has simply ‘Sherlocked,’ a term used for when Apple incorporates features across iOS, iPadOS, watchOS or macOS that have been hallmarks of third-party apps.

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Here are all the features Apple Sherlocked in its newly introduced software updates at the worldwide developer conference (WWDC) 2022 last week.

Feature: Continuity camera | Sherlocked app: Camo

Apple’s new Continuity feature will let you use your iPhone as a webcam, which was Camo’s primary feature. But since Continuity will only work with an iPhone-Mac combo, any other combinations of desktop and mobile systems will have to use Camo or an equivalent app.

Feature: Apple Pay Later | Sherlocked apps: Klarna, Clearpay, many others

Apple Pay Later service will let users make purchases that they can pay in four equal installments spread over six weeks, but without incurring any interest. 

Feature: Visual Lookup | Sherlocked apps:

Apple’s new Visual Lookup feature lets you pick up an object from a photo or a video, and share it as an image. The final image is just of the object with the background removed, a feature that has been a hallmark of the service.

Other new features announced by Apple that have been adopted from third-party apps include Freeform (Sherlocked apps: Figma’s FigJam), Sleep tracking (Sherlocked apps: Oura, Whoop), and Medication tracking (Sherlocked apps: MyTherapy, Pillbox).

Let us know how you guys feel about Apple stealing ideas from notable apps like this.