Android Users Go Thermonuclear on Apple’s Move to iOS App

Apple’s first-ever Android app ‘Move to iOS’, aimed at helping users switch from Android to iOS, is being slammed by ‘fAndroids’ on Google Play store with thousands of 1-star reviews. The app went live yesterday in order to help Android users transfer their contacts, photos, and other data over to an iOS device. However, merely a few commenters seem to have actually used the app, while most are just using the reviews section to go thermonuclear on Apple in general.

Screen Shot 2015 09 18 at 12 48 52 am

The above screenshot, taken from Google Play store is self explanatory. If you go through the reviews, you’ll notice that majority of them are complaining about iPhone battery life, overpriced Apple Watches, ‘iSheep’ and everything else not related to the app itself. Goes to show how lame these fAndroids truly are, seriously!

Let’s see what kind of reception the Apple Music app for Android gets once it goes live in the Google Play store later this year.