Google Wifi Gets Site Blocking for Over 8 Million Non-Kid-Friendly Websites

Google has announced Site Blocking is now available for its Google Wifi home mesh Wi-Fi solution, allowing parents to block over 8 million websites deemed “non-kid-friendly”, on any device in your home:

With Site Blocking—the latest addition to Google Wifi’s family controls—we’re removing some of the worry. Site Blocking allows you to block access to more than 8 million non-kid-friendly websites on any device in your home—all with a few taps in the Google Wifi app.

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Site Blocking utilizes the company’s SafeSearch technology, created in 2009, to filter out explicit content from Google Search results, but now adapted for Google Wifi. SafeSearch is updated automatically in real-time as it constantly crawls the web, which also will apply to Google Wifi family controls.

Google Wifi will gain Site Blocking controls “over the next day” to all users worldwide, available within the Google Wifi app. The Google Wifi iOS app has already been updated this morning with these site blocking controls.

Google Wifi is currently on sale and starts at $159 CAD for the 1-pack (covers up to 1500 square feet), while the 3-pack is $399 CAD (covers up to 4500 square feet).