How to Create a New Google Doc Instantly with These Easy Shortcuts


Late last week, Google Drive announced a new and faster way for users to open up a Google Doc, thanks to the company’s acquisition of the ‘.new’ domain.

The usual way to open up a new Google Doc is to load up Google Drive, then choose a new document for the type of application you’re looking for, sapping up precious seconds.

Google docs

Now, all you need to do is type the following shortcuts into your web browser address bar (URL bar) to instantly open up a new document in the respective app from Google Drive (there’s no need to type ‘www’):

Google Sheets

  • sheet.new
  • sheets.new
  • spreadsheet.new
Google Doc
  • doc.new
  • docs.new
  • documents.new
Google Slide
  • slide.new
  • slides.new
  • deck.new
  • presentation.new
Google Forms
  • form.new
  • forms.new
Google Sites
  • site.new
  • sites.new
  • website.new

All documents opened this way are saved in your Google Drive, as you already expected.

This is such an easy shortcut and definitely makes it faster to launch a new Google Doc. Let us know if you’re going to take advantage of this.