Instagram Rolling out New Featuring Including Updates to the Web Version

Instagram is rolling out a pair of updates that should delight users, especially those using a browser. CEO Adam Mosseri released a short video highlighting the ability to schedule posts as well as refinements on the web.

Via a tweet, Mosseri announced that users are now able to schedule posts up to 75 days in advance. In what Mosseri calls a “finally feature,” scheduling posts can be done by navigating to the advanced settings when creating a post. Once the option is available, users can select ‘Schedule this post’. Users can then select the time and date of when the post should go live. Users can also manage scheduled posts by going to their profile and clicking ‘More’.

The second announcement Mosseri shares are that the web version of Instagram is being redesigned. It’s long been trailing behind the iOS and Android versions. Mosseri explains that it is “cleaner, faster, and easier to use.”

Per the redesign, Instagram’s web version now better supports wide-screen displays. Once available, Instagram now offers a sidebar on the left of the screen featuring Home, Search, Explore, Messages, etc.  Images and videos are better enlarged once clicked as well.

For many, this refinement marks a nice alternative to the long-requested app support for iPad. Users have been outspoken that Instagram has not properly supported Apple’s tablet. Mosseri even chimed in saying an app for iPad was not a priority. The introduction of a better web version may be all iPad users can now look forward to using for the immediate future.

Both updates are rolling out incrementally to users. They may not be readily available quite yet but will arrive “soon.”