iOS 11 Indoor Maps Feature Includes Three Canadian Airports [u]

Part of iOS 11 includes new features within Apple Maps, specifically indoor maps for malls and airports. Apple recently updated their iOS 11 feature page to indicate which airports and malls are available, and officially we see three (updated) Canadian airports listed: Vancouver International, Edmonton International and Pearson International in Toronto.

The feature in iOS 11 means when you open Apple Maps and search for these supported airports, you’ll see a map of the layout and where points of interest are located, which can be a time saver especially during travel.

Apple Maps added support for YVR as far back as mid to late November, as noticed by numerous iPhone in Canada readers (thanks Steve).

IOS 11 vancouver airport

For now, no Canadian malls are listed for indoor maps, but hopefully that will change in the future. Apple Maps has improved over the years, but for now I’m still sticking with Google Maps.

Update: Added Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to the list–here are a couple screenshots:

Also, here are features of iOS 11 indoor maps you can look forward to:

  • tap to “look inside” airport terminals to view boarding gates, security checkpoints, check-in desks, baggage claim carousels and more
  • browse hundreds of shops, restaurants, or restrooms located within the airport or in a specific terminal
  • ask Siri to find something nearby
  • see their location in real time with indoor positioning
  • easily toggle between floors

Let us know if you’ll be using these indoor maps during your holiday travels.