iPhone 13 to Reportedly Feature Optical In-Display Touch ID Sensor


According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is expected to introduce a new optical in-display fingerprint technology in ‘iPhone 13,’ which will be available alongside Face ID as a secondary biometric option (via MacRumors).

Iphone 13 touch ID

Citing a former employee who said the company was working with optical sensors for in-screen fingerprint reading, the report claims that Apple’s solution will be more reliable than an ultrasonic option.

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In the past, reliable sources such as veteran analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have all said that in-display Touch ID is a feature Apple is considering adding to the new iPhones, especially for situations where Face ID is not optimal, such as when wearing a face mask.

Optical in-display fingerprint sensors work using light, and in Android phones that have adopted this technology, the screen lights up with a fingerprint icon where you’re meant to place a finger to provide light.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors are a newer technology and use small sound waves to make a 3D map of a fingerprint, a more secure solution that’s not easily fooled, and one that works better when fingers are wet.

Apple’s decision to bring back ‌Touch ID‌ to the ‌iPhone‌ would certainly be a welcome move as it would provide more authentication options for unlocking the ‌device in different situations.