Here’s Your First iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Teardown Fix [PICS]

Some lucky folks in Sydney, Australia, who call themselves the iExperts, have already got their hands on Apple’s brand new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones, and have even published a teardown for the two devices on the internet, beating the teardown experts at iFixit who are usually the first to do so every year (via TUAW).

IMG 1107

Both the new iPhone models are as usual locked down with Pentalobe screws. A suction cup is required to remove the screen on both iPhones. The team reports the presence of a special cable that connects the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S to the charging port assembly. The batteries on both new devices are labelled as Made by Apple Japan, and have higher capacities than those of the iPhone 5 (5.45 Whr), with the iPhone 5S coming in at 5.92 Whr and the iPhone 5C at 5.73 Whr.

“The logic boards for the new iPhones are quite compact in comparison to the one in the iPhone 5, and iExperts noted that the 5s and 5c boards share a similar design. The team also marveled at the “incredible functionality for such little circuitry” found in the Touch ID sensor on the 5S.

If you’re one of those people with an iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPod Nano (6th-generation) or iPhone 5 that had a power switch failure, you’ll be happy to know that the switch assembly has been changed in the new iPhones.”

IMG 1122

IMG 1108

The iExperts will share more photos, especially the ones revealing more information on the chips located on the logic board later. Meanwhile, check out the ones they have posted already at their BlogSpot page.