[Update] iPhone Daylight Saving Time Bug Shows Different Time Zone When ‘Set Automatically’

Update 2: Turning Airplane Mode ON/OFF will also fix the issue, and save you from a reboot. Thanks @ShevCharko.

Update 1: A reboot will fix the DST issue. Thanks @cdeleeuw84!

We’ve heard from multiple readers out there about iPhone issues with reverting away from daylight saving time today in Canada, which could be related to a network issue, but other users are also experiencing this bug in the USA.

Under time zone within Date & Time settings, users are experiencing a different time zone being selected when Set Automatically is turned on.

On my iPhone 4S when Set Automatically is toggled ON (Rogers network), my time zone changes to Calgary, and the time is pushed forward an hour. Once turned off, and my manual selection of Vancouver remains. Check out the images below:


This is not the first time we’ve seen bugs on the iPhone related to daylight saving time. Back in 2009, Rogers customers experienced Date & Time errors on 3G.

Are you affected by the time zone bug as described above? What carrier are you on?

Thanks for the email Pete!