‘iPhone’, ‘iPad’ Make Up Bing’s Top 10 Electronics Searches in Canada


Bing has released some of their top search trends for 2013 and Canadian stats reveal an interesting Top 10 for electronics queries.

Apple’s iPad came in as the third result followed by the iPhone. BlackBerry was the top search term until it was topped by the Xbox One:

With the upcoming launch of Xbox One, Xbox came in as the most searched entertainment electronic over Blackberry #2 and iPad #3.

Here’s the Top 10 list for electronics searches in Canada on Bing for 2013:


The term ‘android’ was in seventh spot while ‘Windows Phone’ was eighth. Now if only these search term rankings were linked to success and sales, in particular BlackBerry’s case, as it was a tumultuous 2013 for the Canadian company.

Last year, the term ‘iPhone 5’ was the most-searched term on Bing. In other news, people actually use Bing for searches.