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Just Mobile Introduces Gum++™ High-Capacity Backup Battery

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Just Mobile, a brand known for its sleek aluminum sculpted smartphone and tablet accessories, has today introduced a redesigned, high-capacity backup battery for USB-powered devices called the Just Mobile Gum++™. The battery pack, which is now available for sale online and through authorised distributors at $89.95, is available in silver, black and white colours.

The Gum++™ battery pack is clad in a glossy, hard-wearing shell with an improved 6000mAh battery, that has enough capacity to recharge an iPhone up to three times. At the same time, its high-power USB output promises to keep the charge times to a minimum. Like the previous models, it also features LED indicators to help you keep track of remaining charge.

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Here are some of the product’s highlights:

  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets
  • Recharges any USB device
  • USB-to-micro USB cable included
  • Hard-wearing ABS shell
  • High capacity – 6000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • High power – 2.5A current
  • 5 LED capacity indicators

The Gum++ ships with standard add-ons including an Apple dock connector, a USB-to-microUSB cable and a carrying pouch.

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