Lengthy ‘Inside Apple’ Excerpt Details How Apple’s Secret Operations Work

The book ‘Inside Apple’ is set to hit bookstores soon, written by Fortune senior editor-at-large Adam Lashinsky (you can check out his Fortune issue Inside Apple here). Yesterday, we learned about how Scott Forstall is seen as the next ‘CEO-in-waiting’ at Apple. Today, a lengthier excerpt has been posted to promote the book. It’s a pretty decent read and will give you an idea of what will be offered:

For example, a Valley engineer who plays poker regularly with a team of Apple employees said the understanding is that if Apple comes up at the card table, the subject will be changed. Being fired for blabbing is a well-founded concern. People working on launch events will be given watermarked paper copies of a booklet called Rules of the Road that details every milestone leading up to launch day. In the booklet is a legal statement whose message is clear: If this copy ends up in the wrong hands, the responsible party will be fired.

Apple goes to great lengths to maintain discipline. “There were just these things that were kept very, very secret,” said a former senior executive. “There was a project we were working on where we put in special locks on one of the floors and put up a couple of extra doors to hide away a team that was working on stuff. You had to sign extra-special agreements acknowledging that you were working on a super-secret project and you wouldn’t talk about it to anyone — not your wife, not your kids.”

We know Apple is secretive, but the details revealed are pretty interesting. Working at Apple is like being in Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule? You do not talk about Fight Club. Yeah, I can see the similarities.

‘Inside Apple’ hits shelves on January 22nd. You can check it out here from Amazon.ca.