Lime Starts Rolling Outs its Electric Scooters in Canada

Entering the Canadian market for the first time, Lime has started rolling out its electric scooters into Waterloo, Ontario, with hopes of eventually expanding to other markets across the country. According to The Star, the California-based company’s e-scooters made their debut in the city west of Toronto on Tuesday.


Available in dozens of markets across the U.S. and Europe, Lime’s e-scooters do not use any docking stations and instead allows consumers to pick up and leave them along the streets. Users can easily locate and unlock available e-scooters through the company’s app which charges $1 to unlock it and around 30 cents per minute to use.

Lime’s manager of strategic development Nico Probst said the company is now targeting Canada because it shares many goals with Lime, such as reducing congestion and carbon emissions and exploring innovative transportation.

“Coming into our neighbour up north is an exciting opportunity for us,” he said. “We feel there is a lot of initial crossover of residents here who have seen (Lime) somewhere in the U.S. and we have gotten a lot of clamouring and questions from residents here asking when it is going to be coming here.”

“It is a perception of the dockless system that we knew going into this (business) and that we have been really focused on curbing,” Probst said, noting that the company outfits e-scooters with GPS technology so their whereabouts can be tracked.

Probst also acknowledged that the tires on Lime’s e-bikes aren’t equipped to deal with Canada’s snow and ice yet, although the company is looking at different iterations to see if it can develop the products from there.

You can get more info about Lime’s dockless electric scooters at this link.