MacPaw Launches ClearVPN First Truly Personalized VPN Service

MacPaw has today announced the launch of its new ClearVPN service, that promises to offer the first-ever truly personalized multiplatform VPN for users for a secure online experience. ClearVPN is now available to download for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Clearvpn iOS

With ClearVPN’s innovative shortcuts, users can quickly access content and browse the web safely and privately without having to pick a server location, thanks to its unique DynamicFlow Technology. 

According to MacPaw, makers of the popular CleanMyMac app for macOS, the unique DynamicFlow Technology automatically analyzes a user’s current network status and connects them to the fastest idle server to enable secure, low-ping, and smooth access.

ClearVPN offers a freemium model and two pricing plans:

  1. Free plan gives access to a limited number of shortcuts to address the common basic demand, depending on the country. The free plan does not expire and is available to all ClearVPN users.
  2. Premium plan unlocks all shortcuts, that allow users to access any streaming service, connect to servers in specific countries, protect from DDoS-attacks while gaming, and much more. The Premium subscription covers up to 6 devices on any ClearVPN platform for $12.99/month or $93/year.

At launch, ClearVPN users can get 1 free month of Premium subscription with coupon code CLEARVPNGO, valid through December 16, 2020. Hit up this link to sign up for free.