Nike FuelBand Developer Confirms Apple Hiring, Possibly Linked to iWatch

Back in July it was rumoured a key expert for Nike’s FuelBand had been hired by Apple, likely to play a role in the development of the rumoured iWatch. Well, it turns out this was true as 9to5Mac reports Jay Blahnik confirmed his new position on Twitter to a friend as seen below:

Screen shot 2013 08 17 at 11 32 46 am

After posting their story covering Blahnik’s confirmation of his hire at Apple, the fitness expert again has deleted his tweets shown in the above screenshots, a similar moveafter July’s report, all but confirming his hire, again. Blahnik’s website says he “travels 40 weeks each year across the globe speaking on health, fitness, wellness and motivation,” but it appears now he will be focused entirely at Apple.