Lyft Driver Finds a Prototype Pixel 3 in His Ride But the World Couldn’t Care Less

Pixel 3

According to a report by Android Police, a Lyft driver has found a prototype Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone in the back of his ride that one of his passengers is said to have forgotten. While the blog posted a story about it along with a bunch of snapshots over the weekend, it looks like not many people seem to care (via BusinessInsider). Maybe the long weekend didn’t help, too?

“These images were sent to us by a reader, who will be referred to as Anonymous Alligator in this post. Alligator is a Lyft driver, who found the phone in the back seat of his car after he dropped off a few passengers. He thought his own Pixel 2 XL had somehow fallen back, but he realized it was the 3 XL after seeing the notch and Google logo on the back.

The unit had various identifying stickers, which have been blocked out.”

Although the upcoming Google flagship phone is expected to make its official debut next month, it has been plagued by so many leaks that the handset found by the Lyft driver has nothing new to reveal.

The driver claimed that he found the phone in the back of his car and recognized that “it was an as yet unreleased Pixel from the now-famous notch and the Google logo on its back.” The driver returned the phone to the owner soon after, according to the source.

Did an employee royally mess up, or is this a publicity stunt by Google? At least it wasn’t left in a bar…