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Qik Included in Part of Microsoft’s Skype Deal

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One of the best live-streaming video applications for the iPhone is Qik. Making its debut in Cydia in the Fall of 2008, it eventually hit the App Store a year later on Christmas Eve. Qik made live instant sharing of video mainstream, and led to other similar apps like Ustream and to be launched.

Qik eventually got bought out by Skype in early January of this year for $121 million. Now that Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 billion, it has been confirmed Qik is part of the deal, according to Geekwire. So here’s to crossing our fingers that Qik will continue to operate as usual.

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Qik’s Smart Streaming Technology optimizes streams over networks, and could play a key role in any future apps coming from Microsoft. It was made clear that Skype will continue its support for ‘non-Microsoft’ products, so I’m assuming Qik will follow suit.

Welcome to Redmond, fellas.


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