Siri Vs. Google Now Vs. Cortana [Voice Control Showdown]


Microsoft’s all new ‘Halo-flavored’ voice assistant Cortana, has been put to test against its two main competitors i.e Siri and Google Now, by the folks over at WP Central in the ultimate voice control showdown. While for the most part, the three digital assistants were found to be on even footing, Cortana did surprisingly well considering the fact that its competitors already have a year or two of experience on Microsoft’s offering.

“What’s the take away? We’ll let you decide but from our hands on tests, we can definitely say that Microsoft’s Cortana, even as a beta, can go head to head with Apple and Google. While there is still room for improvement, Microsoft has done a commendable job of offering a similar service to their competitors, and it shouldn’t be too long before they surpass them..”

Looking at the video below, it is evident that each one of the three voice assistants can field most of your standard voice control questions with ease, and Cortana fits right in the middle, offering a little of Siri’s personality but without any sluggishness. Take a look:

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  • Chrome262

    Skype is a Windows program so it better do that the best. Pretty cool.

  • The video shows Apple really needs to up their game. Google Now is super powerful.

  • Chrome262

    Google Now didn’t do anything impressive, in fact it wasn’t any better than Windows and they are a beta. Apple has been spending way to much time trying to have it understand any language and accent and not enough on content. Although, Windows did a great job of learning from its competition. And using both Now and Siri I really don’t see much of a difference. Now on the iphone is better than Now on and android that is for sure, only because iphone does a great job of isolating your voice from the background. And I tend to use Siri more than Now only because it integrated into the phone. But I would drop Siri and Now in a heartbeat if I could get Cortana on my iPhone lol. If nothing then for pure sentimental reasons. All and All MS did a great job, seems that everything Xbox related does well. Should of followed that model for the Surface.

  • I like Google Now for its speed. Compare voice searches within the Google Search app and Siri, the latter feels ‘slow’. Google Now cards also help save time as Google knows everything about me in a very creepy way.

  • ShawnMerrikin

    I find my ipad knows what I ask while my nexus 5 has no idea what I’m saying ever. Couple times it almost called some doctor on a Google search instead of calling my dad in the contacts. It can never find me directions properly or anything. I give Google now a 1 out 10 for voice search. Only a one because I like saying OK Google from the launch.

  • wahwah

    This sounds very much like user error, or more to the point an id10t problem code. You’ve got to be the first person ever to say google now doesn’t recognize what you’re saying. Get the sausage out of your mouth before speaking, lol.

  • ShawnMerrikin

    Thanks Troll. Really hurts my feelings.

  • Tim

    I have no problems with voice search on my Nexus 5. Works as good as Siri, and I find the voice more natural sounding.