Starbucks Canada Announces Delivery Service via Uber Eats in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

Starbucks uber

Starbucks Canada has announced delivery is soon coming via a partnership with Uber Eats, for customers in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

The new program, called Starbucks Delivers, will be able to deliver from the “majority” of the company’s menu from their hundreds of stores nationwide, later this summer.

Delivery by Starbucks started in 2018 in the U.S. and has since expanded globally in early 2019, with Canada next on the roadmap. So far, 12 global Starbucks markets have delivery service with more to come.

“Our success is rooted in our ongoing commitment to bringing exceptional customer experiences through significant investments in technology and product innovation. Uber Eats is the ideal partner to help share the Starbucks Experience wherever our customers are,” says Michael Conway, president, Starbucks Canada, in a statement.

To access Starbucks Delivery, customers just need to download the Uber Eats iOS or Android app.

“Learning from our global Starbucks Delivers rollout, we’ve incorporated unique company packaging and standards to deliver Starbucks products to Canadians without compromising the high-quality of handcrafted beverages, food and service they expect from us,” added Conway.

Starbucks says their new delivery services comes with “unique packaging and beverage solutions to ensure quality and experience of hot and cold menu items.”

Customized beverages will be available, with over 170,000 customization options available. Core menu items will be available to order, within a delivery window of 30 minutes by Uber Eats.

“We know that Starbucks fans are passionate about the brand and they’ll be delighted that they can now enjoy most of their favourite products whenever and wherever they are at the tap of a button,” says Dan Park, General Manager, Uber Eats Canada, in a statement.