Try Out Tesla Model 3 in Your Driveway with this iOS 11 ARKit Demo


Jelmer Verhoog, a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder from Norway, has developed a new configurator that allows you to take the new sedan and place it in your driveway, or anywhere else you might want (via Redmond Pie).

The configurator lets you change the color of the vehicle, make its lights flash and even have it drive around in a way that also has it reacting to its surroundings.

As it turns out, Apple’s new augmented reality platform and Tesla’s upcoming car are a match made in heaven. At least as far as a new demonstration app is concerned.

With Tesla expected to launch its own configurator alongside the real Model 3 later this month, the developer says he will do the same with his own work when iOS 11 ships later in the year, likely September.

Take a look at the video embed and tell us what you think: