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Albertan Gets a $287 Ticket for Texting in Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

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Tim horton

A.J. Daoust from Alberta has been issued a nearly $300 ticket for using his mobile phone while waiting in line at a Tim Hortons’ drive-thru, CTV News is reporting. While saying that the police officer’s actions were “heavy-handed”, the Albertan explained that a police officer knocked on his window, asked him to pull over, and gave him a $287 ticket after he replied to a text message while waiting for his coffee at a Beaumont, Alta., Tim Hortons.

“I said, ‘In a drive-thru? Really?'” Daoust told CTV Edmonton. “He was definitely within his rights…but to me this is ridiculous. It’s just kind of heavy-handed.” 

Jeff Kasbrick, vice president of government and stakeholder relations at Alberta Motor Association, said it’s up the discretion of the police officer when to issue a ticket.

“There’s the classic, that we see all the time, which is at a red light people will sometimes pull out their cell phones,” Kasbrick said. “That’s considered a distraction.”

According to the Alberta Highway Traffic Act, drivers are not allowed to use a hand-held cell phone, text or email while behind the wheel. The legislation applies to drivers on publicly and privately-owned property that drivers are permitted to use for the passage or parking of vehicles.

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“It’s stupid,” Daoust said. “It didn’t have to happen, but I guess that’s how it goes”. He added that he may try to have the ticket fine reduced in court.

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