Apple CEO Writes WSJ Editorial to Support Employee Nondiscrimination in America

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written an opinion piece within the Wall Street Journal arguing why Congress should support the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, citing how the company’s workplace is safe and welcoming for all employees of different creeds, but many working Americans continue to suffer in silence due to workplace discrimination:

Apple’s antidiscrimination policy goes beyond the legal protections U.S. workers currently enjoy under federal law, most notably because we prohibit discrimination against Apple’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. A bill now before the U.S. Senate would update those employment laws, at long last, to protect workers against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We urge senators to support the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, and we challenge the House of Representatives to bring it to the floor for a vote.

Protections that promote equality and diversity should not be conditional on someone’s sexual orientation. For too long, too many people have had to hide that part of their identity in the workplace.

Cook says Congress should “seize the opportunity to strike a blow against such intolerance” referring to gay and lesbian Americans being discriminated against and approve the Employment Nondiscrimination Act.

Apple has long supported nondiscrimination, such as its previous work with LGBT causes. Back in April of 2011, Apple employees submitted their own It Gets Better Project video, joining other tech companies to support The Trevor Project, an organization aimed at “providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ teens and young adults.”