Twitter Expanding Downvote Feature Testing Worldwide

Twitter has announced its plans to expand the testing of its downvote feature worldwide. Users across the world may begin to start seeing the option to downvote a tweet.

Via the Twitter Support account, it was revealed that the social media platform would soon see new users be able to access the tested feature. The feature first entered its testing phase last year. Though, testing was fairly limited. Now, Twitter Support has confirmed that more users “on the web and soon iOS and Android” will see the feature.

As initially discussed, the number of downvotes a tweet may receive will not be public. Instead, the user who created the tweet will be able to see it. Likewise, Twitter believes that it will help inform the company regarding the content users prefer to see.

For iOS users, Twitter is testing an upvote option as well. Although downvotes will not be public, likely to avoid dogpiling and bullying, upvotes will be shown as likes on a tweet. Once again, Twitter is utilizing the information from the tests to “understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo.”

Other notes to take into consideration, Twitter very much claims that this test is for research purposes more than anything. Whether or not this is indicative of a possible wider release remains to be seen. Twitter is also very adamant that this is not a dislike button. Unlike YouTube, which began hiding dislike results on videos, the downvote option is more akin to Reddit. However, votes, whether up to down, will not change the order of replies.