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Twitter Held Talks to Acquire Clubhouse iOS App in $4 Billion Deal, Report Says

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According to Bloomberg, Twitter is said to have held talks with the iOS app Clubhouse over the past few months, to acquire the latter, at a valuation of roughly $4 billion.

The talks are “no longer ongoing” says Bloomberg, which also noted Clubhouse is looking into raising financing itself at the $4 billion valuation.

Clubhouse is a popular iOS app that lets users host their own live audio shows on a variety of topics and lets others easily join in as well. The app is currently in an invite-only phase, adding to its popularity. Celebrities have pounced on the trending social network audio app, including the likes of Elon Musk and more.

The app is the brainchild of Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth. Clubhouse received nearly $12 million in funding from U.S. venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz last May.

For now, Clubhouse remains exclusive to the iPhone but an Android app is being planned.

A $4 billion valuation for the Clubhouse app? That is just insane.

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