Twitter May Soon Shut Down Periscope Live Video Broadcasting App

According to a report by TechCrunch, code discovered in the Twitter app suggests that the company is planning to shut down its live video broadcasting app Periscope in the near future.

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Spotted by developer Jane Machun Wong, a line in Twitter’s app code reveals a link to a shutdown notice for the Periscope app.

There are, however, no shutdown references in any of the code in the currently obtainable version of the Persicope app. Date and other details of Persicope’s retirement are also unknown at this time.

If Periscope sinking away is on the cards, it’s a question that probably still bears asking — what could have been? Even with live video within Twitter’s app, it’s not the star of the show. One can’t help but wonder if live video might next appear front and center elsewhere, made by a different company.

If Twitter does go on to retire Periscope, it would mark the end of a five-year run for the live video broadcasting app.