Uber Eats Farm Fresh for Restaurants Goes Live in Toronto

Uber Eats Farm Fresh, a global first for Uber aimed at helping restaurants like Piano Piano, Richmond Station, Gusto 101, and Lady Marmalade offset the cost of their fresh ingredients while also supporting local farmers and producers, has just gone live in Toronto.


In partnership with 100km Foods Inc., Uber’s Farm Fresh program will give qualifying restaurant partners access to up to $1,000 in credits to purchase fresh ingredients from local farmers and create signature Farm Fresh dishes available exclusively on Uber Eats. 

These special #FarmFresh items will be prominently displayed on the app, encouraging customers to discover new farm-to-table favourites.  

“When COVID hit and restaurants were mandated to close, the customer base that was built over the last 12 years vanished overnight for our network of farmers,” said Grace and Paul. “The #FarmFresh initiative with Uber Eats provides a welcome boost for both restaurants and local farms alike, and Uber Eats customers get some delicious dishes to choose from made from the freshest and best quality ingredients Ontario has to offer.”

Starting with 50 restaurants in the Toronto-area, the launch of Farm Fresh is a global first for Uber Eats in support of local agriculture. To discover delicious farm-to-table dishes nearby, simply search #FarmFresh in the Uber Eats app.