Uber Launch in Winnipeg Imminent, $500 Promo Tries to Lure Drivers

Uber has announced it is “one step away” from launching in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this summer.

The ride-sharing company says it now has a license to operate in the city within weeks, as it is now looking for drivers.

Uber is enticing driver sign-ups by offering a one-time $500 payment to the first 100 drivers who complete 20 trips in Winnipeg. That works out to an extra $25 per trip.

Michael van Hemmen, head of Uber in Western Canada, told CTV News, “We’ve rebuilt the app based around this new COVID reality. So riders and drivers during this time, are required to wear a face covering or a mask. Drivers, before they go online, actually have to verify that they don’t have symptoms, that they’ve cleaned the vehicle, and that they haven’t been in contact with someone who has COVID and is exhibiting symptoms.”

Drivers will also need to send a picture confirming they have a mask on, before they can drive. According to Uber, they believe drivers can help be part of economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ridesharing through Uber is a flexible earning opportunity that allows drivers to easily make money,” added van Hemmen.

The City of Winnipeg granted Uber its license last week and its service can start “effective immediately,” reports CTV News.