Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders in US and Canada Can Now Order Their Cars


A Tesla representative has confirmed to Business Insider that all Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in the US and Canada can now configure and order their cars, although the $35,000 base model with a standard battery option is not yet available. For now, the Model 3 can only be purchased with a long-range battery starting at $44,000.

Customers who order their Model 3s now have three options: the rear-wheel-drive (which starts at $44,000) and all-wheel-drive ($48,000) versions with a long-range battery, and the performance version ($64,000).

The $35,000 base model with a standard battery will be available in six to nine months for current reservation-holders, according to a Tesla representative. But, according to a timeline given by CEO Elon Musk in May, the $35,000 option could become available between September and December.

The company spokesperson also revealed that reservation-holders are being given delivery estimates of three to five months for the rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions with a long-range battery and two to four months for the performance version.

Since the electric car maker has struggled to ramp up production for the vehicle since it was launched, the above-mentioned delivery timelines may vary for some customers. According to the source, the company has made around 6,000 Model 3s this month.

Tesla has received over 450,000 pre-orders for the Model 3 since it started taking reservations in March 2016.