Here’s What’s New in iOS 7.1 [VIDEO]

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Earlier today Apple released iOS 7.1, a much-needed update after the buggy release of iOS 7. Below is an excellent video summary by YouTuber iTwe4kz:

Apple’s iOS 7.1 feature page also highlights the most notable features such as:

  • CarPlay
  • Manually control Siri by holding and releasing the Home button
  • Auto HDR on the iPhone 5s
  • Further iOS refinements to the iOS 7 interface
  • Calendar gets a new Month view
  • Touch ID recognition improved
  • Home screen crash bug fixed
  • iPhone 4 users get improved responsiveness and performance

Also, Notification Center has bigger ‘x’ icons to close notifications.

iOS 7.1 also has new improved iBeacon improvements according to Doug Thompson (via MacStories):

As of today, once an app is installed it will “look” for beacons even if your app is shut down or you’ve rebooted your phone.

We tested the functionality today to verify the new feature.

After opening an iBeacon app we hard closed it: not just putting it into the background tray but swiping it closed entirely. The phone still detected beacons and sent a message through the lock screen, something which in the past was reserved for apps that were at minimum running in the background tray.

The functionality even works if you reboot your device: after you power down your phone and start it up again, it will continue listening for beacons even if you don’t open up the app again.

There are some bugs right now when it comes to apps. We’ve heard from numerous users Cineplex for iOS continues to use your location until you turn it off in Privacy settings. Other ‘annoyances’ include iOS requiring 4.5GB of free space to install the update (we had to export a bunch of photos to our Mac to free up space).

Overall, this latest release of iOS 7.1 feels great–battery life also seems to have improved as well (it’s not draining as fast as before).

How are you liking iOS 7.1 so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!