New Yahoo Mail for iOS Launches with Password-Free Logins

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Yahoo has today announced the launch of an all new Yahoo Mail app for iOS, while celebrating Yahoo Mail’s 18th birthday this month. The new app is completely redesigned and introduces two great features i.e. multiple mailbox management, which also supports email accounts from, Hotmail and AOL Mail, and the new Yahoo Account Key feature, that lets you enjoy password-free sign-in.

Most people have more than one email account. Now you can enjoy all the power of the new Yahoo Mail app (and our desktop interface) with your other mailboxes including, Hotmail, AOL Mail and, of course, Yahoo. For each connected mailbox, you now have access to Yahoo Mail’s features – powerful search, smart contacts and auto-suggest, rich compose – across all your emails.

We’re happy to announce a big step forward to a password-free future with Yahoo Account Key. Account Key uses push notifications to provide a fast and secure way for you to access your Yahoo accounts from your smartphone.

Yahoo details that the Yahoo Account Key feature frees users from memorizing complicated passwords, making signing-in to the Yahoo Mail app easy as tapping a button. You can read more about the new security feature at this link.

To download the free Yahoo Mail app for iOS, click here. Meanwhile, check out the following intro video: