SPIGEN GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5 [REVIEW]



In the past, we have reviewed the SPIGEN GLAS.t tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 4/4S as well as one for the Retina iPad, both of which have proven to be the industry’s very best. However, they did show “chipping at the the edges” problem in the long run, unless used with a bumper case or similar that covers the iPhone or iPad’s edges. To overcome this minor issue, SPIGEN has introduced a slimmer, chip resistant premium tempered glass screen protector called the GLAS.tR SLIM for iPhone 5 ($34.99). Let’s take a look!


In addition to all the goodies that came with the GLAS.t i.e 6 epoxy coated home buttons, a squeegee for bubble removal, a microfiber cloth and an alcohol swab, you also get a rear protection film set for the iPhone 5. The GLAS.tR SLIM also comes with a unique serial number, that allows you to authenticate the product online.



To install the GLAS.tR SLIM on your iPhone 5, you need to be very careful since you only get one shot at doing it. Therefore, remember to wipe the iPhone’s screen with the included alcohol swab, clean it dry with the microfiber and ensure installation in a dust free environment. Don’t forget to switch off any fans during application. Once done, you can use the squeegee to remove any trapped air bubbles, though bubbles due to dust particles will not go away.



Having previously used the GLAS.tR, I can easily feel the 28% reduction in thickness with the GLAS.tR SLIM. The ‘R’ in GLAS.tR SLIM stands for the rounded edges of the screen protector, means the glass is not only slimmer, but chip resistant as well. SGP claims that the rounded edges also help to deflect shock from bumps and drops. As far as the GLAS.tR SLIM’s Retina clarity and feel good glassiness is concerned, it’s as immaculate as its predecessors. Simply amazing!



There’s definitely no doubt about the fact that if you loved the GLAS.tR, you’ll love the GLAS.tR SLIM even more. SPIGEN has done extremely well to upgrade its industry leading glass screen protector to a whole new level of awesome. Highly recommended!