Waterfield: SleeveCase For Retina MacBook Pro [REVIEW]

Designed and made in San Francisco, Waterfield Designs SleeveCase is a fully customizable bag-style protective sleeve for Apple’s MacBook lineup. The SleeveCase is available for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro models in a variety of material, design and size customization options. Today, we’ll take a look at a horizontal SleeveCase for Retina MacBook Pro in brown leather trim with a shoulder strap and a Piggyback pouch.


  • Cushioned with high-grade neoprene
  • Ballistic nylon exterior shell
  • Horizontal and Vertical orientations available
  • Available in Lead Indium or Brown Leather trims
  • Options to add a flap, shoulder strap or a Piggyback pouch
  • Made in USA


Standard SleeveCase starts at US $49sfbags.com


To begin with, I must admit I’m truly impressed with the build quality and materials used in the construction of SleeveCase and Piggyback pouch. The sleeve’s exterior is made up of military grade ballistic nylon in black, while the base has a high quality brown leather trim which gives it a really cool vintage look. The inside of the SleeveCase is well cushioned with a high-grade neoprene material. The whole thing is not just stylish but also extremely protective. Same goes for the Piggyback pouch.

The basic SleeveCase has a velcro strap at the top with Waterfield logo while the base has a nice little finger loop that makes it easy to grab and pull out the MacBook. For those who want added protection can opt for a secure flap instead of velcro strap for an extra $15. The back of the sleeve has a handy pocket that can be used to slip-in an iPad or some documents etc. If you opt for a shoulder strap or Piggyback pouch, you’ll also find a D-ring on either side of the sleeve.

Combined with an optional Piggyback pouch ($25-27) and a shoulder strap ($12), the versatile sleeve becomes a full-fledged MacBook bag. Both the pouch and the shoulder strap can be securely attached to the sleeve’s D-rings.

With my SleeveCase configuration, the Retina MacBook Pro goes inside the sleeve, an iPad slips into the back pocket, the Piggyback pouch holds the MagSafe power adapter, an iPad charger, a Thunderbolt external hard drive and a couple of extra USB cables with still room for more. I must say it’s the best MacBook sleeve/bag combo I’ve ever come across, both in terms of quality and functionality.


Waterfield’s SleeveCase for MacBooks is one of the finest laptop cases available in the market that is full of rich features including superior quality materials, a highly practical design and an optional Piggyback pouch for all your accessory needs. I highly recommended it!