New Apple Patent Details Virtual SIM Card

A new patent application from Apple details how a future iPhone could utilize a virtual SIM card that also integrates Near Field Communication (NFC). There are a few advantages of utilizing near field technology. For one, it would allow consumers to bypass carriers when purchasing an iPhone, According to 9to5Mac, a costumer could instead utilize a carrier-chooser app, for instance, to select […]

Samsung’s v. Apple: The Patent Dispute Continues

According to a report from SmartOffice, Samsung is requesting Apple handover their source code for the iPhone 4S’s firmware, as well as the details of their subsidy agreements with all mobile carriers in Australian, as they attempts to ban the sale of the iPhone 4S in Australia.   Speaking at federal court, Samsung counsel Cynthia Cochrane said they […]

Anti-Sexting Software Patent

Well, leave it to Apple to help protect our kids! Apple has purportedly patented software to identify inappropriate language in text messages and to either completely delete it or to replace with “age appropriate” verbiage. I suspect a database of offending words can be input into the phone by a parent and text message content […]

iPhone Looking More Likely to Become an iWallet

There has been lots of talk about the iPhone becoming an iWallet for some time now but a European patent that surfaced last week and was revealed by Patently Apple yesterday takes the rumours to the next level. Not only does the patent application detail how RFID circuitry and antenna would be ingenuously embedded within the […]