App Review: MCleaner for iPhone


Today I have a great application that gives you a lot of control over your incoming calls and SMS messages. The app is called MCleaner and it allows you to filter calls, SMS messages and assign blacklists to certain contacts.

MCleaner does require a jailbroken iPhone, so this is not an app you can find in the iTunes App Store. You can find it in Cydia however. You may check out my guide on jailbreaking your iPhone here.

MCleaner by The MCleaner Team

MCleaner, through the power of jailbreaking your iPhone, gives you communication management. You can filter incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages through the control of basic settings.

Aside from having more control with the communication of your iPhone, MCleaner provides a valuable tool for those situations in which you want to screen your incoming calls/messages such as in meetings or classrooms but it also provides a level of privacy. Whenever a call/message is screened, a notification shows up in the status bar (where the time is) of your iPhone, so you know if you are missing a call or a message. You can also have an SMS autoreply sent to a blocked caller.

Currently on the iPhone, when you get a text message for example, the most private setting to block that message is to hide the preview of the message, but the persons name is still there. Well in case you want to hide it completely, that is where MCleaner comes in.

To manage your blocked calls/messages, you can setup whitelists or blacklists to properly filter your calls and messages. Along with the filter lists, you have a slew of options to customize notifications and to customize exactly what type of call should be blocked. For example, people who willingly block their caller ID name can be blocked from your iPhone with a simple toggle.

Furthermore, MCleaner provides a series a profiles that can be used to manage communication. These profiles are presets and require no customization. For example, one profile is called “Accept SMS Only”. You may also add your own custom profiles if you were so inclined.

Overall, MCleaner provides a ton of fantastic options and truly gives you total control over the calls and messages incoming to your iPhone. The only unfortunate thing with the app is the premium price tag, but it does come with a generous trial period.

MCleaner is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

How to Install MCleaner

1.) Jailbreak your iPhone (See guide here)
2.) Launch Cydia and choose the Utilities Category
3.) Choose MCleaner and Install

Where To Download

MCleaner is available on Cydia for $11.99 and there is a free 15-day trial upon download of the app.

MCleaner Giveaway (Remember you need a jailbroken iPhone)

For those jailbroken iPhones, I am going to giveaway three (3) copies of MCleaner today! To win, just comment below on the following:

1.) How will you benefit from MCleaner?


Winners are chosen at random; Contest ends August 15, 2009 at 11:59PM PST

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the comment entry form or I cannot contact you!

2.) You may enter even if you have won something before. You can win again and again and again! There is no limit on the amount of times that you can win!

3.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do NOT attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.



  • Sean

    Is this able to block certain telemarketers from calling? I get a call from this one phone number every day and it's annoying the hell out of me. If this cydia app can help me block this number then it would really be helping out a lot.

  • GC

    Yes, I'm not sure about the latest version but with an older version, but I made a profile with an older version where only my family contacts could call me during work. Good stuff, but a bit pricey for a jailbreak app.

  • This sounds a great way to filter out unwanted callers and sms marketing. Excellent idea. Off to take a look at the trial version now.

  • ahunt416

    I need this app! As a nightshift worker, I would like to be able to block certain calls and allow important callers to interrupt my sleep. Interested to see how it handles SMS, too.

  • Yes
    Try the trial version, as it gives you temporary full access!

  • simonseztech

    at work it will be great to only allow wife to reach me.

  • Dusty

    I always thought about trying this app but didn't feel like paying that price lol The review gave me a better understanding and might just try out the trial version and go from there 🙂

  • Canklesblog

    I am currently using the trial and loving it. Helps me keep from getting the same wrong number calls over and over. I would love the full version however to block some people who just can't take a hint and those that send mass texts constantly!
    Thanks for all the great work on the blog!

  • AlexV

    I need this because my crazy girlfriend likes to inundate me with calls whenever I'm not with her

  • Mike

    If I won the contest, I would benefit from this awesome application because I would be able to block my nagging mother-in-law's phone calls telling us how to run our own lives! Currently, we have to hit the volume button on the side of the phone since to mute the ringer when she calls since there is no way to ignore a call.

  • edge777

    Thanks for this great review (I know I've been critical of a past review but apps really are a subjective things). I love how some of the most useful apps are on Cydia (still showing me that jailbreaking is worth the small hassle).

    I'd benifit from MCleaner, because my cell is semi-public due to my job, but I'm also in lots of meetings or appointments where it's important that I be fully focused at that time, not worrying about what calls ir texts come in. The ability to quickly toggle certain calls on or off, still allowing other calls to come through, would be great!

  • skylo

    I would be able to block Rogers from calling constantly to offer me “special promotions” haha. But seriously.. I hate texts popping up! and I hate getting phone calls from unknown numbers, and people I regret giving my number to… this would be a huge help.
    Great Review!!

  • Sevael

    I agree with ahunt416, us nightshift workers need some control over who calls/texts us. I also have to deal with my ex-wife calling me constantly (obsessive). This app would totally solve both issues!

  • edge777

    A little clingy????

  • mrluckyg123

    i would love to block all BLOCKED Calls, which is very very annoying. i never knew that if i can do that in my IPhone. Thanks for the great tip.

  • Hydroboi

    I hope I win. This would be a great app to help with unwanted calls!

  • Mike P

    I would definitely love an app like this to block those annoying whocalled text messages as well as all of the telemarketing guys who call day and night

  • I know, it is quite a fantastic feature!

  • steve202

    This app is just what I was looking for. I am continuously getting telemarketing calls and calls from my ex to harass me. I really need to get this app

  • gary

    guys u can also download iblacklist it basically will stop any unwanted calls you want. it's also free with the light version of the product. it's also available on cydia.

  • True
    But without paying, you can only blacklist one number. So not very

  • Winners:

    – Skylo

    – Hydroboi

    – ahunt416

    Check your email inbox!

  • gary

    yes that's true but it allows you to block all private calls with the unregistered version. It's proved to be very useful to me:D

  • gary

    yes that's true but it allows you to block all private calls with the unregistered version. It's proved to be very useful to me:D

  • Hi, well what can i say this was very intresting. There is some top content on your blog taking the time to share-all the best!