Greenpois0n for Mac Jailbreak Tool Download Available


The Chronic Dev Team has just released a Mac version of their greenpois0n jailbreak tool for iOS 4.1 devices. The team was undermined by Geohot’s sudden emergence with the limera1n jailbreak. You can now download greenpois0n for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

PwnageTool is coming tomorrow, for all those people looking to update to iOS 4.1 and keep their current unlock (ie the ability to use multiple carrier SIM cards). Click here to download greenpois0n for Mac. Don’t forget to check out our iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Guide with greenpois0n.


  • Jb

    they finished it long before, but just made people wait for so long just for some gay reason – 1010101010 thing.
    now people will remember Geohot as the greatest jb hacker. not you guys. HAHA! IN YOUR FACE

  • Derka181

    So if I have a iPhone 3G with 4.1 and broadband 5.14.02 I can now jailbreak and unlock my phone tomorrow???????

  • J.J.

    After I download Greenpois0n on my mac and try to open it it keeps “quitting unexpectedly”. I’ve tried redownloading it a number of times and it still won’t work. Anyone have solutions?

  • Dekesue

    It did the same on my mac too 🙁