LiveClock Brings Animated Clock Icon to Homescreen


There’s a new tweak in Cydia that will allow you to bring an animated clock icon to your homescreen. The tweak is called LiveClock and it’s free.

Essentially your stock clock icon will now act like a wall clock and display the actual time (moving seconds hand too), instead of a frozen clock image. This tweak was also available for older firmware versions but has now brought itself back into Cydia without the need for Winterboard to be installed.

LiveClock is free and is available in Cydia. Included are some extra themes if you have Winterboard installed.

Look ma, the real time!

LiveClock is available in the BigBoss repo. Let me know how this little tweak works for you!


  • Laraptura

    I just thought of this the other day.. Apple needs to incorporate this into their firmware update.

  • Anonymous

    Been using it for a few days and it works fine for me

  • iP4Crazy

    I was hoping for a blackberry like lockscreen with the clock, although I’m sure that exists too.

  • iP4Crazy

    Apple, I’m sure will include a lot of things into their firmware update that the jb community does. Like multitasking and bg homesxreen all originated by the jb community. They develop and apple gets all the glory. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if myWi is incorporated into a future iOS.

  • roadcarver

    Hmm.. I can’t seem to find it in Cydia now.

  • Amsterdave

    I wouldn’t bet my money on that myWi statement you a make. Not only would it be a snub to the operators/networks, but it would also make the iPad 3G (which sells at a $130 premium for extra hardware that costs maybe a few dollars more) virtually obsolete for iPhone owners.

  • PD

    This download threw my iPhone 3G into safe mode.

  • Anonymous

    The 3G iPad also has the gps, (AGPS) so there would still be a difference.

    It makes no sense the I can get 3G to an iPad thru an android phone, but not the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    lol how useless.. cool, but useless. just takes up resources and battery for nothing really…

  • Travis Buckley

    Liveclock also throws my iphone into safe mode.

    I had it installed for 6 months or so without any issues.

    Was there a recent update to it that could cause this?

    If not any fixes?