New Cydia Hack Enables AirPlay Across Apps

When Apple released iOS 4.2, one of the most anticipated features was AirPlay. For those running the latest iOS, AirPlay is essentially a method of streaming digital media from your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to another device such as the 2010 AppleTV or AirPlay-enabled speakers.

Once in action, AirPlay is really awesome, as users can watch movies and photos on their widescreen TV’s and play music through speakers in the home (if applicable). At this time, AirPlay is only enabled in a few apps such as YouTube, Photos or videos synced to the device from iTunes.

Well, if your iDevice happens to be jailbroken (only tethered right now), a developer named Zone-MR has created a hack which enables AirPlay in all iOS applications, including Safari! Aside from the flexibility of use factor, this also means that Apple could easily enable AirPlay across all apps in future versions of iOS.

If you want to check out the hack, download it from the following Cydia repository:


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  •  Xaroc

    Now THAT is awesome.
    Sadly i hate to wait to buy my Apple TV until after christmas and my birthday or my wife would kill me, to many people know i want it lol

  • Kevin Anthony

    Now if only we could enable it to work with the old AppleTV so I don’t have to buy a new one.

  • 3Gs on Fido

    Does the ATV need to be jailbroken too? Or on 4.21?

  • Mario Gaucher

    Is it possible to stream videos recorded on the iPhone using this method?

    Currently it does not work… And that’s the only use I would have with this new airplay function…

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  • Jonathan Hu

    updated to 4.2.1 after jb and added the source found it has nothing in the repository ? what’s wrong ??

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  • Meganfox

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