Springboard Expose on iPhone Becomes Reality


Remember when we wrote about “Springboard Expose” for the iPhone? Well, it looks like that concept has become a reality by the developer Steve Troughton Smith. Originally those videos showed us what it would look like on the iPhone–but what about a fully working example?

Rory Piper Steps Up to the Plate as an Exclusive Tester

Our very own Sunday blogger, Rory Piper, was lucky enough to be an exclusive tester of “Springboard Expose”. The app was available via Cydia and Rory compiled a pretty neat video of it in full action on his blog Green Candy. Here it is in all its glory:

img_0023 img_00221

As you can tell from the video above, the app actually works quite well. Definitely a feature that we could learn to live with should Apple decide to implement a similar feature in the future. Although for the lazy, you could just continue to swipe across to get to your multiple homescreens.

What do you guys think? Useful or useless application?


  • Dusty

    Its a cool feature but really not a need to have in my opinion.

  • Seems pretty useless to have Expose on the iPhone. I use it non-stop on my MBP but I can't see it every being a practical app on the iPhone.

  • rorypiper

    This app is very cool, but I think it might be used more, if there was no Spotlight for the iPhone. Spotlight is just a better way to search for your apps.

    It works very well, though. Very smooth and responsive.

  • Categories and mQuickDo make this pretty redundant for me, it would just be another badge to manage

  • Prailor

    COOL app and it would bv great if you have page after page of apps,
    using catigories just seem so much cleaner

  • Edge

    Looks cool! I'm guessing when you say it's available on Cydia, that's it's not yet available on Cydia for the general public. I looked for it and found nothing.

  • ML

    Useless unless optimize the code: it should cache all icons and only refresh IF changes were made on the SpringBoard (ideally in the background). Otherwise, it's just a fancy collection of resized screenshots of your SpringBoard that's too slow to be useful.

  • reyt

    Useful for anyone who rely heavily on icons (visuals) to go and start their app. I use Spolight to get to my apps.

  • Dusty

    Check out the updated version…

  • Guest

    Check out the updated version 2.0 with pinch…