Cellhelmet iPhone Case Makes an Appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank [VIDEO]


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Cellhelmet started out on Kickstarter last February as an iPhone case and insurance program to offer protection for US and Canadian owners. Just last week, the company behind Cellhelmet let us know they had made its way onto ABC’s Shark Tank. Check out the video below to see how they fared (jump to the 23:30 mark):

Cellhelmet revealed they had 1,300 unit sales and also a repair rate of 3 per cent.

Shark Tank features Canadians Robert Herjavec, the former Dragon from CBC’s Dragon’s Den, plus existing dragon, Kevin O’Leary. The latter is notorious for roasting presenters always has interesting lines. He told Cellhelmet duo they are “nothing burgers” and said he wanted to “set you on fire and push you out of the tank.” Ouch.

We’ll have a review upcoming of their iPhone 5 case. Stay tuned.

Update: Cellhelmet told us they ended up making a deal locally in Pittsburgh thanks to their exposure on Shark Tank. Congrats, fellas!


  • Ouch, Although if I ever break my phone I’m buying there case and saying I broke it with the case on haha.

  • Olley

    Shark Tank is pretty bad… very pretentious and staged. Not as fun as Dragon’s Den.

  • Yeah Dragon’s Den seems less corporate, a bit more casual. Jim is by far smartest Dragon. He seems to always favour the ladies though.

  • They are ready for cases like the one you mentioned! lol

  • Anthony ?

    Their iPhone 5 case is pretty nice, worth considering if you’re in the market for something with damage coverage.

    Seems like the sharks didn’t like the concept too much…ouch!