Griffin Outfit Ice Case For iPhone 4


With the launch of the iPhone 4, Griffin has introduced a new line of iPhone 4 cases. The Outfit Ice line of cases provide stylish and hard-shell protection for the iPhone 4.

Outfit Ice by Griffin

The Outfit Ice provides users with a hard exterior shell and a soft-touch casing. The case easily snaps onto the iPhone 4 and provides durable polycarbonate protection against drops and dents.

The case is very thin and fits the shape of the iPhone 4 perfectly. The case comes in two parts and once snapped in, the iPhone 4 is held securely.

The case covers the entire back, sides, top and bottom of the iPhone 4 while leaving access to the headphone jack, sleep/wake button, camera, dock connector, speaker/microphone, and silent switch/volume buttons.

With the outside protection that the case provides, the iPhone 4 display is exposed, so a screen protector may be a good investment to provide 100% protection.

Overall, the case feels good in the hand with that soft-touch grip and the two-part snap design ensures that the iPhone 4 is held tightly within the case. A variety of colors allows for some customization and the colors are not overly done.

The Griffin Outfit Ice is available in red, blue, black, and pink for $29.99 from the Griffin Online Store.


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  • Jason

    Stood in line yesterday for a iphone4. Got at pacific center at 7:30. Sold out very quickly. No lick even for those who showed even earlier. Any tips for days and time to line up.

  • Sporadik Styles

    Griffen seems to make nice iphone cases. Although I chose the griffin reveal etch for my free one from apple I did buy this phone because I love the design with the glass on both sides and metal sides. Don’t think I’ll use one of these unless I have to throw my phone in my backpack. Not sure why people love buying a nicely designed device just to cover it up. Never has a case on my 2 year old 3G and it looks brand new still

  • Gotta say, I’m a bit of a case junkie. I’ve got three already for the iPhone 4. But I have to agree with previous poster that it really is a shame to cover such an aesthetically appealing phone with any case.

    My favourite is the “Barely There” case by case-mate .. I have a black one and it still allows the iPhone 4 to look like an iPhone 4, plus the feel of the case is very nice and it seems to provide reasonable protection (mostly from scratches) without totally detracting from the handsome appearance of the device.

    (The Griffin Outfit Ice case looks a whole lot like the case-mate Barely-There.)

  • holydiver

    Yes. Covering this beuty with cases breaks my heart too.

    but we have to consider ‘just in case’ 🙂

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