Griffin Reveal Etch Graphite Case For iPhone 4


For those looking for an iPhone 4 case with a unique stylish back, check out the Reveal Etch Graphite case from Griffin.

Reveal Etch Graphite by Griffin

The Reveal Etch case provides users with a hard exterior shell, a rubberized sides/corners casing, and a unique etched texture along the back of the case.

The iPhone 4 is easily pushed into the case and provides durable polycarbonate/rubberized protection against drops and dents.

Like other iPhone 4 Griffin cases, the Reveal Etch case is very thin and fits the shape of the iPhone 4 perfectly. The case comes in one piece and the iPhone 4 is easily pushed into the case where the rubberized edge provides a tight cushion.

The case covers the entire back, sides, top and bottom of the iPhone 4 while leaving access to the headphone jack, camera, dock connector, speaker/microphone, and silent switch. For the volume controls and sleep/wake button, the case provides rubberized buttons which cover those areas for added protection.

Overall, the case feels good in the hand with the unique etched texture design on the back. The rubberized edges provide additional grip and hug the iPhone 4 tightly.

The Griffin Reveal Etch Graphite is available for $29.99 from the Griffin Online Store.


  • Half_Pint

    I don’t hate this.

  • Asanjuan62

    Does this case fit well with the full body invisible shield?

  • Sporadik Styles

    This is the case i chose as my free one from Apple. Doesn’t come until late September though. Figured it was the beat looking one for free!

  • This is also the case I chose from Apple as well… can’t wait to get it. In the meantime, I’ve ordered this synthetic case from Monoprice for less than $3 – … it’s not the best – the case covers the edges of the touchscreen and the bottom, while open around the dock, doesn’t allow it to be properly plugged in. But, it’s a snug fit and well padded – it’ll definitely protect my phone from a nasty fall in the meantime. Besides, even with shipping to eastern Canada included, it was only $5!

  • Anonymous

    the one i chose was hte incase clear version of this. i wanted back protection as thin and minimal as possible…loving it so far :)….now looking at this i kinda want it lol…that pattern is SICK!

  • I also chose this one, as it seemed liked the nicest one. Was a little turned off by the late September ship date, but I just got an email saying that it has shipped and should arrive on Monday. Sweet deal!

  • Powercube

    I chose this for the free program as well, and it looks pretty sweet. Apple said that it wouldn’t ship until October, but it has already been sent out (under 12 hours!).