Helium Digital Tempered Glass Screen Shield Review


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Our good friends over at Helium Digital sent me one of their tempered glass screen shields for review, and without a doubt, this is my new favourite screen shield for my iPhone 5S. Take a look at my video review.

If you’re not familiar, tempered glass is a type of glass that is processed to increase its strength. So you know you’re getting a screen shield that’s adding a good layer of protection to your iPhone. It’s also not really thick like you might expect. It’s nice and thin at only .33mm.

Helium Digital guarantees you’ll have no bubbles under the screen shield when you put it on. I usually have a ton of trouble with these installs. I much prefer ones with a spray or some type of solution, but I’ll admit I got this one on without any problems.

When the screen shield is on your iPhone it really feels like the screen is naked. It’s a nice change from some other screen shields that have some sort of texture or are really cheap feeling. The screen shield also has an anti-fingerprint coating on it. While it doesn’t prevent fingerprints or smudges, it does help limit them.

As for the durability, I put this on before I went on holidays and have had it on for a few weeks. So far, no little scratches. This is always my biggest complaint with screen shields. After a week or two they start getting scuffed up because the phone is in my pocket with my keys, coins and such. This even happens on screen shields that say it won’t. Now, I’m not saying over time this one from Helium Digital won’t start getting scuffed up, but a few weeks in and it’s still scratch free and as clear as it was when I put it on.

Overall this is screen shield is rock solid. It’s easily one of the best on the market, and trust me, I’ve tried a lot. At only $24, you really can’t go wrong with the Helium Digital Tempered Glass screen shield.
Helium Digital has been nice enough to provide our awesome readers with a 25% off coupon. At checkout just enter the code ipc25 and you’ll get 25% off your purchase.


  • Cases

    Could you try it with the leather apple case? Perhaps with video even? Thanks.

  • …so it sounds like it behaves exactly like the Gorilla Glass screen that comes with your iPhone.

  • not impressed

    I will be frank. it is the worst product i have used on my iProducts yet. doesn’t stick well, scratches easily, and doesn’t protect your screen.

  • citycallback

    Great glass. HOWEVER
    I got one for my Galaxy S5 and the glue was no good It bubbled which I though was impossible.

    This has a no bubble guarantee.

    The source refused to exchange it after 3 days.

    The manufacturer does NOT RETURN any emails ever.!!!!

    I might just show up on their office doorstep one day in Mississauga and see what they have to say.

    I have used their Product 3x flawlessly. This one was no GOOD and there is NO SUPPORT.

  • Helium Digital

    Hi there, I’m from Helium Digital. I have no way of checking for your email as I do not know what name it would be under, but just saw this post so wanted to be sure to respond. The issue you mention does not happen often, but it can happen and the no-bubble guarantee you mentioned means we will replace it. Can you send an email to with your issue and information so that we can take care of it. We will usually get back on all emails within 24 hrs, so really not sure what happened in your instance but suspect in may never have been received. Thanks.

  • citycallback

    Helium Digital is sending me out a replacement screen protector.
    They have support to back their product it turns out. This incident I should be chalked up to some email issues as they received my email and replied but didn’t make it to my gmail for some reason.
    Thanks for the support Helium

  • Denise Chen

    the glass can protect the mobile. by now the tempered glass is the best protection for mobile screen.