iBGStar Device Allows Those With Diabetes to Monitor Their Glucose With An iPhone

A new device called the iBGStar was just released in the UK that allows people living with diabetes to monitor their glucose, right on their iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It is a small device that connects to the 30 pin dock connector and is controlled be a free app that is available in the App Store.

  • Samples are analysed using Dynamic Electrochemistry® – an intelligent technology for results you can trust.
  • The iBGStar meets today’s stringent industry standards for accuracy and features plasma equivalent calibration for assurance with each and every reading.
  • The iBGStar is an innovative blood glucose meter with a compact, stylish body that can be used on its own or connected to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch to easily display, manage and communicate your diabetes information.
  • No coding required – Simply insert the test strip to begin.
  • The iBGStar works hand in hand with the devices you already use like the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • You will be prompted to automatically download the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App the first time the iBGStar is connected to your iPhone.
  • Your iBGStar will automatically sync data each time it is connected to an iPhone or iPod touch and the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App is launched.
  • The iBGStar Diabetes Manager App helps you keep track of blood glucose, carbs intake and insulin dose, with even more to come to manage your diabetes in “real time” and on-the-go.
  • The discreet and stylish design means the iBGStar can stay attached to your iPhone or iPod touch so you can carry around one less device.
  • You live your life on the go and the iBGStar is the blood glucose meter designed to work with the devices you already own.
  • The iBGStar Diabetes Manager App allows you to input your data with specific notes for personalised information to help you and your healthcare professional analyse patterns and variations to make better-informed diabetes-related decisions.
  • The iBGStar Diabetes Manager App provides you with the ability to record, track and manage your information in an intuitive format.
  • Your individual data can be printed or emailed to share with your healthcare professional for greater flexibility in managing your diabetes together.
  • Single-point support services* for all your diabetes questions (i.e. insulin pens, blood glucose meters, BGStar Diabetes Management Software and iBGStar Diabetes Manager App) can give you the confidence that you have the full support of the diabetes experts with you.

The iBGStar has been launched throughout Europe, but there is no word on if/when this might come to North America. In fact, their website has a disclaimer at the top that says “This website is not intended for US or Canadian residents”.

[via HealthcareGlobal.com]

  • Mark C

    I have been following this product for some time now, I emailed September 22, 2010 & received a reply from “Solutions in Heath Inc” The acting agent for Sanofi Aventis dated May 16, 2011, stating it was not available at this time  but  stated they would contact me when it was available.  I have replied again & will share any info I get.

  • Thanks!

  • Beowulf

    I have it in my pharmacy right now! I am in Canada. All London Drugs have them in stock as of last week.

  • Mark C

    Did you have to pay for it or was it covered under extended medical?

  • Beowulf

    Retail is $59.99. You’d have to ask your insurance plan if they’d cover it.

  • Paul Estrin

    I am in Ontario – can you help me to get one, please, from your pharmacy?
    PM me to paul at webanywhere dot ca if it is possible.
    Thank you.