iSiri: The Most Amazing Smartwatch Concept [VIDEO]


Artist Federico Ciccarese has come up with a pretty amazing Smartwatch concept called the iSiri, that would allow you to control your iPhone with voice commands (using Siri) and also get a response right from your wrist, without requiring you to take the iPhone out from the pocket. The artist believes the concept will open they way for a new type of technology.

ISiri 05

The iSiri is basically a wearable device that connects via bluetooth to the iPhone, and captures all the functions that can be controlled using Siri. According to the concept artist:

“I am very proud of this new project, it opens the way for a new type of technology.

We have imagined, conceived and designed. We intend to realize it very soon to allow iPhone advanced control”.

ISiri 02

ISiri 06

Check out the video below to get a better idea of this spectacular concept:


  • crosseyed_mofo

    that looks really



  • Samarl

    Why bother putting headphones into it when you can just put your headphones into your iPhone and put the phone in your pocket?

  • Farids

    It is a lovely design. I do have an issue with voice only feature though. Siri makes mistakes in picking the voice commands, especially if the command is spoken with an accent or contains a non English name or event. This would be an issue in a multi cultural country like Canada. I’d been waiting for a smart watch from Apple since the iPhone 3GS times. From Apple, because I love their designs and they don’t disclose their Bluetooth stack with third party developers. Therefore, pre iOS 5, the watch couldn’t do effective and advanced stuff, announcing, notifications and event reading. But, since Bluetooth 4 was implemented and iOS 6 optimizations in the iPhones, disclosing the stack is unnecessary as it can access all the features needed to do all advanced functions. There are other watches in the market, but their release dates keep getting delayed. Still waiting for Apple, but any good smart watch at this point will do now.

  • ArcAngel

    Pretty sure there is going to be some design patent violations on that one. Neat idea. I concur with the absurdity of plugging the headphones in though (unless it would also be usable like a bluetooth nano).

  • joe

    this could be some james bond sh*t lol