JuiceTank: The First Case with an Integrated Wall Charger for iPhone 4/4S


A new iPhone accessory company called Detached has just unveiled their first product, on Kickstarter. “The JuiceTank is the first iPhone case to feature an integrated wall charger that folds flat to provide maximum portability. The automated plug deploys easily and allows you to plug your phone directly into any outlet. No cords required.”

There have been many times when I wish I had brought my charger for my iPhone, when I’m on the go. It is quite frustrating to have your iPhone run out of battery. With the new Juice Tank, you just need to find and electrical outlet, flip the switch on the back of your case, and plug in your iPhone!

The patent pending Juice Tank will retail for $70, but if you get in on their Kickstarter now, you can get one for $40! This is limited to the first 400 backers, so get in there while you can! After the first 400, $55 will get you one Juice Tank, $250 will get you five Juice Tanks. There is also an exclusive Kickstarter version, which is black and green, that you can get for $75 for one, or $350 for five. They need to get $125,000 by May 13, 2012 to fund this project. Juice Tank case will then start shipping by July.

I think this is a great idea, but I feel like there should be an internal battery in the case, to give the iPhone extra juice, between charges.  This would obviously drive the price up, but I think it would be a more desirable product. Maybe this is in the works for a “premium” version, but they are a new company just trying to get off the ground. Their first case looks great and I think, for $40, I will be backing them and ordering one.


  • Could probably double as a night-light too.

  • Steve Jobs (yes, I’m back)

    Can’t wait to hear the stories of people forgetting their iPhones on public outlets. Just sayin.

  • Thanks Steve!

  • Brian

    Good idea, but by the time it comes out, iPhone 5 will only be a month or 2 away, making my phone (and this case) obsolete. If I pay up now, can I have them delay giving me a case until the iPhone 5 version comes out?

  • Rio

    I am personally fine with carrying the charger with me most of the time, its not to much of a hassle.

    Of topic: Do the forums not work anymore? I can’t access it.

  • Condorcounter

    Great idea for iPhone 4 &4S. However it would be nice to see a shot somewhere of what the front looks like without the iPhone in place.

    And why does shipping to Canada cost an extra $20?. Surely it can’t be that much for a small product like this. Brings the early bird price from $40 to $60.

  • Greed

    makes the phone longer, and quite thicker for just an ac charger?

    if forgetting your charger is the problem go on ebay or any chineese site and order a ac wall charger for $1.50 and usb cable for $0.50, for $2 you could buy an extra one for your car, your office, every room in your house, your top 5 friends so they have a charger there for you (even if they dont have an iphone), keep an extra one in your pants if all else fails