OtterBox Acquires Rival Accessory Maker LifeProof


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OtterBox today has announced it has acquired San Diego-based accessory maker, LifeProof. The former will begin to integrate LifeProof products into its line up over the next month. OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas said the following:

“The joining of OtterBox and LifeProof is a way to combine two great brands and provide customers with even more great products, services and choices for smartphone accessories,”

OtterBox is essentially nabbing up a competitor here, as LifeProof made similar cases that offers protection for iOS devices and other electronics. No financial terms of the deal were disclosed, but LifeProof’s 250 employees now join the OtterBox family (which sits at 650 employees worldwide) and remain in San Diego. Congrats to the LifeProof team.

Last November, OtterBox acquired Wrapsol, a protective film company that also makes protection for iPhones, iPads and more.

Yesterday, we posted about some huge savings on OtterBox iPhone and iPad cases over at


  • Boo. I really liked the Lifeproof branding. It sounds like they’re likely going to be dissolving that and calling the Lifeproof cases Otterboxes now. That would be unfortunate.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    lifeproof cases are amazing

    otterbox cases are as cool as peeing yourself in public

    oh man does this blow

  • ryanrobert

    Hopefully they bought LifeProof because they liked the product and not because they were eating into their profits. LifeProof is doing well so there is no reason for OtterBox to shut down the product line. Someone else will just jump in and take over if they don’t continue it.

  • Ha ha ha. Yes.

  • Even if they continue the LifeProof product line (which I agree they probably will), they’ll likely be giving it Otterbox’s logo and branding, which sucks compared to LifeProof’s.